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DeathSpank for PC/Mac this month

Fan pressure pays off.

Electronic Arts and Hothead Games have announced that DeathSpank will be released for PC and Mac on 26th October.

The previously unconfirmed ports of the PSN and Xbox Live adventure will cost £9.99 in the UK, or £8.99 with a 10 per cent pre-order discount.

Hothead's Vlad Ceraldi said the decision to do computer versions of the game was "a direct response to the repeated requests by our fans", noting that the game's sense of humour, story and gameplay "were all inspired by some of our favourite PC games".

DeathSpank came out in July on PSN and XBLA and picked up a lukewarm 6/10 in its Eurogamer review.

"If you like your loot-'em-ups, and you're looking for something humorous and a bit different, this is clearly the game for you. Just don't expect it to sparkle in the way which many, myself included, hoped that it would," wrote reviewer Dan Pearson.