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New Deathspank game already?

Leaked Achievements claim so.

There may be a new Deathspank game in development subtitled T.O.V.

A dozen leaked Achievements totalling 200 gamerpoints were spotted by Xbox360Achievements.

Xbox Live Arcade titles are allotted 200 gamerpoints to dish out, with add-ons awarded an extra 50 points to take the total to 250. That suggests Deathspank T.O.V - with a total of 200 gamerpoints - will be a completely separate title.

The Achievements reveal tidbits about the game. There will be a pirate ship, an evil nun, 20 levels, Santa Claus and two endings. Sounds as thought the main enemy will be someone called Wortten.

Deathspank, an action RPG based on Diablo with a comical twist, was only released for PSN and XBLA last month. Lucasarts veteran Ron Gilbert was the mastermind behind the game, but left developer Hothead shortly before release. Couple that with an unspectacular Deathspank review score of 6/10, and the likelihood of a sequel had appeared to be slim.

We'll dig.

The first 15 minutes of DeathSpank.