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LotR Online F2P delay explained

Codemasters: "Launch is imminent."

The delay of the free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online update is down to "contractual issues", publisher Codemasters has confirmed.

Back in September, Codemasters claimed the update, which launched in the US last month, had been held back for last minute polish. It seems that's not quite the case.

According to Massively, Codemasters' general manager David Solari today posted a statement on the game's EU forums.

"As many of you correctly surmised, the issues have been contractual rather than technical. As they were contractual issues, we are bound by confidentiality and you will understand that I can't give you any further detail.

"Unfortunately a contract was required in order to go free-to-play and this has taken much longer to conclude than expected. The good news is that the contractual issues have been resolved and we are on the home stretch."

Solari added, "I can't give an exact date at this time as there is still some preparatory work to do, but rest assured everyone involved is giving 100 per cent to bring Free-to-Play to Europe, and there will be more definitive information hopefully later this week."