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Steam has over 30 million accounts

Newell praises the big Mac effect.

There are more than 30 million people that have Steam accounts, Valve has announced.

That figure headlines a list of impressive statistics. In the last 12 months, the number of users has grown 178 per cent. The new peak concurrent user record is over three million, and six million unique users use Steam every day.

Steam sales during the 12 months were up 200 per cent, and the service's infrastructure can now run at 400GB per second - enough, apparently, to transfer the English dictionary 92 times a second. As if anyone wants to read that.

"Steam is on track to record the biggest year in its six year history," commented Valve's number one, Gabe Newell. Big new additions were support of Mac games, the Steam Wallet and in-game item sales.

Valve also touted the Steamworks set of developer tools, which are present in lots of today's biggest PC releases: Civilization V and R.U.S.E. among them.