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Lovefilm app heading to PlayStation 3?

Pulled video points to autumn launch.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It looks as though popular film rental service Lovefilm is heading to PlayStation 3.

According to a video posted on the PS3 YouTube channel and since withdrawn, the service is due to go live this autumn and will allow you to stream films to your PS3.

There will be free trials and incentives for people who don't already use Lovefilm, plus Pick of the Week, Most Watched and Highest Rated categories for filtering content.

The video's gone but Everything PlayStation screen-grabbed the section of the video which shows the Lovefilm app on the PS3's XMB (thanks VG247).

We've contacted Sony to clarify the details. (Update: Sony UK declined to comment.)

Lovefilm subscribers select a range of films they want to watch and the company posts them the first one. Once they've watched a film they send it back and receive the next one, although users don't always get the film they really wanted immediately.

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