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Kotick makes list of most influential men

He's 16th, behind Kanye but before Obama.

AskMen.com has voted Activision boss Bobby Kotick the 16th most influential man in the world.

"This brash 47-year-old CEO has openly admitted he has no interest in producing games that don't have the potential to be exploited year after year on every platform imaginable," reads Kotick's entry on the AskMen list.

"He has also infuriated legions of gamers by suggesting a strong desire to raise prices and charge for cut-scenes. It's radical ideas like these that have led more than one talking head to call him 'the Hitler of the Gaming Industry'."

The entry goes on to point out Kotick is in charge of Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Tony Hawk, meaning "he'll continue to be one of the richest and most influential men on the planet" however loud his critics shout.

Kotick beat the likes of Barack Obama, Eminem and David Letterman to claim 16th place on the list. However's not considered as influential as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, in fourth and second place respectively, or Jon Stewart, who takes the top spot.