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Fable de-make to revive promised ideas

Yes, you can plant the sodding acorn.

The creator of a 2D Fable "de-make" has popped up a video of his progress and explained how he's incorporating systems from the first two Fable games - including some that were mentioned during their development but never made it in.

According to ROFLGames' latest update, the de-make includes the fishing system from the first Fable, but rather than button-mashing it now draws inspiration from Ocarina of Time and SEGA Bass Fishing.

The de-make will also attempt to correct perceived imbalances in Fable II's in-game economy, which players widely exploited (myself including - nyaha!) although the author is keeping some of the changes under wraps for another update this week.

But what of those promised features that never made it in? "The plan is to bring some missed features (real-time vegetation growth, weapon pickups) as well as features from the previous games (body morphing, moral choices, crumbtrail) into a simplistic 2D retro-styled game," he explained. "This is a tribute game, and may not capture Fable's magic, but it'll try to capture some of its basic concepts."

Fable creator Peter Molyneux recently told an audience at the Eurogamer Expo that he is still mystified by people's anger at not being able to plant an acorn in Fable 1 and watch it grow into a tree - something he mentioned during development that eventually didn't make the cut.

"I still don't understand why people were so excited about that," he said.

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