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Halo: Reach level cap going up

Expect the bump in November.

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Halo: Reach is all set to get a level cap increase, Bungie has announced.

The developer will lift the limit above its current Lt Colonel Grade Three high-point once 117 million daily and weekly million challenges have been completed.

Bungie reckons that should be some time in November.

The post on read, "When you do cross the 117 Million mark, we'll celebrate by blowing the lid off the level cap! In the immediate aftermath, new ranks and armor will be made magically available for you inside The Armory, provided you have the rank and credits required. Time to get to work!"

"Oh, and no, we won't be counting boosted challenges," the post added.

The update also announced that 16,445 years of play had been logged so far, constituting 784 million player-games. In summary, it's quite popular.

Last week Bungie announced that new DLC - the Noble Map Pack - will be out on 30th November.

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