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Sony US can't make enough Move

Demand has "maxed" manufacture.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation Move sales are better than Sony expected.

In the US, Move was bought 1 million times in a month.

"We had to go back and increase production twice," beamed Sony US boss Jack Tretton to Reuters. "We're absolutely maxed out right now."

Those numbers complement the 1.5 million sales Sony Europe boss Andrew House witnessed in his territory.

Remember, Sony isn't expecting big upfront sales of PlayStation Move. Senior VP Ray Maguire told Eurogamer in August that "word of mouth" will prevail.

PlayStation Move launched first in Europe on 15th September, then in North America on 17th September. Japan got the device yesterday.

It uses gyroscopic motion-sensing technology inside the cylindrical controller coupled with PlayStation Eye-tracking of a glowing ball on top. The result should be a 1:1 on-screen recreation of your gestures.

To use PlayStation Move, then, you'll need the Move controller (RRP £34.99), a PlayStation Eye camera (RRP £24.99) and some games that support it.

You can buy these devices separately or bundled together in the PlayStation Move Starter Pack (RRP £49.99 - better deals here).

You may also like the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller (RRP £24.99), the PlayStation Move Gun and the PlayStation Move Charging Station.

Microsoft's challenger Kinect enters the ring on 10th November on the back of $500m advertising spend. Its arrival has been billed to be as big as a console launch.

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