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50m Facebook gamers "addicted" – report

56 million play Facebook games every day.

Of the 250 million people who play games on Facebook, around 50 million are addicted and 50 million pay to play.

Those gobsmacking numbers come from a colourful report on All Facebook, an unofficial Facebook fansite. Help was given by Nielsen, Games.com and InsiderFacebook.

The report claims there are 500 million people that use Facebook and 53 per cent of them play games. And for once, they're not all men - 69 per cent are female.

19 per cent "say they're addicted" and 20 per cent have paid for "in-game benefits".

50 per cent of all Facebook log-ins were created for games.

A staggering 56 million people play Facebook games every day, and a bewildering 290 million people play Facebook games every month.

Taking a leap of faith, the report guesstimates that Facebook games are played for 927 million hours a month. That's 105,878 years' worth.

Facebook's most recognisable game is FarmVille, which at one point claimed 85 million players a month. Intrigued, Eurogamer sent Ellie Gibson along to investigate.

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