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Over 60,000 join in Fable III: Kingmaker

One million virtual flags planted.

Over 60,000 people have taken part in Microsoft's free app Fable III: Kingmaker.

One million virtual flags have been planted by players who have pledged their support to either the Royal foot soldiers or Rebel warriors – the game's two factions.

Kiingmaker's a geo-location mobile game. Players tag their location by planting a virtual flag using GPS.

The point? To earn gold which you can spend in the full game, out next Friday in the UK.

Over 64 million pieces of gold have been earned by players already, apparently.

"If you're a savvy sovereign you'll do well to find the hidden treasures which can earn you up to 5000 pieces of gold that can go towards your booze collection," Microsoft said.

"So far over 18,000 treasure chests have already been discovered lurking in hobbles, holes and alleyways, but keep checking into www.Fable3Kingmaker.com for more info!"

Kingmaker will be available on the recently launched Windows Phone 7 later "this holiday".

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