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Force Unleashed III back on

"We're still figuring it out," says LA.

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The fate of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series may not be all doom and gloom after all.

TFUII lead Julio Torres has openly suggested that there's room for The Force Unleashed III within the Star Wars canon. What's more, he makes it sound as if a third game is very much part of the plan.

"Well I can't tell you how [TFUII] ends because that would ruin it for you, but I can tell you that the time-frame for The Force Unleashed and TFU II is about a year, and there's still, between that and Episode IV, a couple of years for us to play with," Torres told SciFiNow Magazine, reported NowGamer.

"So that means no matter how the game ends for Starkiller and Vader in TFU II, we still have some time to figure out how we solidify the canon so that everything makes sense for IV.

"Obviously if that were to be exposed, it would most likely be TFU III," he added. "I'm just afraid I can't share what that could be yet because we're still figuring it out. I cautioned that...the key is that, that time is still left."

Earlier this year, the writing seemed to be on the wall for The Force Unleashed series.

First came reports that The Force Unleashed III had been cancelled; when work on TFUII wrapped, staff were to be let go. Morale was said to be at an "all-time low".

Next, the PSP version of TFUII was scrapped without explanation.

And finally, TFUII game director Haden Blackman left LucasArts after a loyal 13 years with the studio.

Nevertheless, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II remains intact and on schedule for a 26th October release. A demo's promised beforehand.

Eurogamer played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II in August. Keza McDonald translated her experience into words.

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