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NBA Jam dev calls out hateful gamers

Why can't you be nice to each other?

The biggest problem facing the games industry today is mean-spirited, ill-informed gamers spewing bile on internet message boards, according to NBA Jam's creative director Trey Smith.

Smith told MTV's Multiplayer blog, "I think one of the biggest problems right now is the actions and attitude of some of the gamers out there. You know who they are.

"If they spent less time spewing ignorant hate on the boards and in online games, and more time rallying behind the great games they love and helping to build a thriving community that welcomes everyone that shows up to play with them - everybody wins.

"Nothing wrong with a little smack talk here and there," he added, "just wish gamers respected each other more."

NBA Jam launched on the Wii in the US today, and is heading for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this year.

You play nice now, you hear?

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