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Bethesda parent gets more money

To spend on games, new studios.

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ZeniMax Media already owns Bethesda, id Software and Arkane Studios - but the Maryland monster isn't sated yet.

A chunky $150 million has just been secured by ZeniMax from Providence Equity Partners. This is to be spent on "increased game development", "strategic acquisitions" and "expanded publishing operatings".

Only three years ago, PEP pumped a gigantic $300 million into the American media company.

ZeniMax's most attention-grabbing purchase of late was of Doom and Quake creator id Software. Website CrunchBase reckons a further $105 million was raised for that.

ZeniMax now has an envious game portfolio that includes Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, RAGE and Doom 4.

"Since our original investment in 2007, ZeniMax Media has tripled the size of its development portfolio and assembled an extraordinary library of major game franchises, along with some of the best development talent in the world," bragged Michael Dominguez from PEP.

id Software's RAGE. Underneath it, that now 'proprietary technology' idTech 5.

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