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US Kinectimals bundles include stuffed toy

King Cheetah! Maltese Tiger!

Microsoft is bundling stuffed Kinectimals toys with special edition copies of the game for its November launch, according to US retail listings.

Toys R Us and GameStop are both in on the action, as spotted by Destructoid.

Toys R Us has an exclusive King Cheetah bundle, while GameStop has a Maltese Tiger. Both also come with a redeemable code to unlock said animal in the game. The bundles cost $60.

We've contacted Microsoft UK to find out whether the promotion will extend to this side of the pond and have warned them to expect a petition if not.

Kinectimals is a game where you play with animals using the Kinect camera system. There are events like an obstacle course, or you can just teach them tricks like standing on two legs and playing dead.

This guy needs to calm down.

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