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Castlevania Collector's Ed pulled – GAME

UPDATE: GAME changes its mind.

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UPDATE 2: GAME's changed its mind and confirmed the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collector's Edition will be released in the UK, but after the standard edition.

A GAME spokesperson said: "We're sorry. The tweet was a mistake. We're working with Konami to finalise all the details of the Collector's Edition and we'll let everyone know what they are as soon as they are confirmed.

Eurogamer was told that a release date could be announced today or tomorrow.

UPDATE 1: Konami has just told Eurogamer that the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collector's Edition "has not been cancelled but is going to be out later than the 8th".

ORIGINAL STORY: The Collector's Edition of excellent action game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has been cancelled at the last minute by publisher Konami, GAME has claimed.

"Castlevania fans! Lords of Shadow Collector's Ed has been pulled by the publisher and is no longer happening," reads a tweet from GAME's official Twitter account.

The Collector's Edition includes the official soundtrack and a replica God Mask.

We're trying to get to the bottom of this now.

Lords of Shadow, out this Friday, is a 3D reboot of the classic 2D vampire action platformer. Christian Donlan awarded it an impressive 8/10, describing it as "a polished and enjoyable blast of musty Gothic action".

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