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GOW PSP dev making new, original IP

Uncharted 2 "the kind of game we're making".

The studio behind the God of War PSP games is working on a brand new story driven action adventure that's based on an in-house intellectual property, Eurogamer has learned.

Independent studio Ready at Dawn – the developer behind upcoming PSP game God of War: Ghost of Sparta – said fans can expect a reveal "soon".

"We haven't narrowed down mechanics," RAD co-founder, creative director and ex-Blizzard staffer Ru Weerasuriya told Eurogamer this afternoon.

"I love playing story driven games. I love movies. I love things that involve me from start to end and give me a complete experience.

"That's where our heads are. It's definitely that kind of game we're going to make. We're not going to go off and make an open world, or an MMO, like everybody expects ex-Blizzard people to do.

"We know what we'd like and we know what we're good at."

Sounds a bit like Naughty Dog's stupendous PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2, doesn't it?

"It's the kind of game we're going to make," Weerasuriya said. "I'm just glad they did it first. It should prove to everybody it's doable and it's worth doing that kind of stuff."

So, which platform is RAD creating its next game for? While the PSP seems like the obvious choice – the California studio's games include PSP games Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Weerasuriya confirmed Ghost of Sparta is "our last PSP game".

"I can tell you it's going to be whatever platform our engine runs on," he said. "Right now our engine runs on pretty much anything that's available out there."

Weerasuriya was talking about the Ready at Dawn Engine, the studio's in-house cross-platform tech used to create Ghost of Sparta.

"It gives us the choice to move where we need to move for the games we want to do. The most important thing is not the platform. It's the game. We know what type of game we want to make. It's what we've built our skills around: character driven, story driven action adventure games."

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