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People think that new hill in London looks like Super Mario 64

Bob-omb Arch.

The UK is a weird place, London most of all. For example, Westminster City Council spent £2m commissioning a new hill (no, I'm serious) near Marble Arch that opened on Monday.

For the low price of £8, people with too much money to spend can climb the 25-metre-tall structure to have a prime view of, err, Oxford Street and Hyde Park, I guess.

However, this waste of taxpayer money might just be a money-maker as a Mario-themed attraction. As Nintendo Life points out, people have been comparing the hill for its uncanny resemblance to Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefield. Others have compared it to Minecraft or a PlayStation One game.

Frankly, I think I would rather play Mario 64 than pay eight quid for some scaffolding with grass on top, and the initial response from visitors seems to concur. The Guardian reports that "Westminster city council confirmed refunds were being given out after the project suffered 'teething problems' which left its artist's impression looking nothing like the rather limp reality - leading to a torrent of ridicule on social media."

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