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Fortnite announces Rainbow Royale event with free Pride cosmetics

"Everyone is welcome on the Battle Bus."

Fortnite has announced Rainbow Royale, its first celebration of the game's LGBT+ community.

The game's item shop has unusually been filled with a selection of free items to celebrate, including four sprays, a wrap (a gun skin) and a rainbow emote.

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Fortnite's battle royale island is set to feature a rainbow in its sky, while Fortnite Creative now features pride items to decorate maps with.

Finally, LGBT+ artists are currently being featured in-game on Fortnite's radio stations, which you can hear while driving vehicles.

"Everyone is welcome on the Battle Bus," Fortnite said in a blog post announcing the event.

Earlier today, Eurogamer reported on an eye-opening Fortnite leak which spilled some other upcoming surprises, including plans for an Ariana Grande concert and Stranger Things crossover.