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Dissecting the Dead Space remake

Deep cut.

During a livestream event in July 2021, EA revealed that (yes, we know it leaked prior but let's give them this one), years after the release of a doomed third outing in the series that was plagued by microtransactions and an ill-suited co-operative multiplayer element, a new Dead Space game is finally on the way. It's set to be a brand new remake of the much-loved original game, developed from scratch by Motive Studios (the team behind Star Wars: Squadrons), utilising the Frostbite Engine.

Unfortunately, all we've actually seen of the new Dead Space so far is a minute-long (and very dark) teaser trailer. But there is other info out there, if you know where to look. So, much like you would dissect a necromorph limb from limb, I've been scouring the internet for any new details on the remake I can get my claws on. I've compilled all my findings in video format, so click below to enjoy. Enjoy being a very loaded term when we're talking about watching gameplay footage of Dead Space, I know, but hey, let me have this one. It is Friday, after all.

Cover image for YouTube videoEverything We Know About the Dead Space Remake So Far - Dead Space PC Gameplay