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The Double-A Team: We made our own multiplayer game out of a movie tie-in for The Incredibles

I'm the Dash.

"Dash, hurry up you'll be late for school."

The Incredibles game is a single-player movie tie-in that closely follows the original film story. But back in the day, playing with my siblings, there was only one mission that we cared about.

The year was 2006, I was six years old and instead of doing our homework, my family was constantly crowded around our TV, trying for the millionth time to best each other in the game's 'Late for School' mission.

The mission was a part of the story mode: here, you play as Dash chasing the school bus on a weekday morning. But it's not as straightforward as that. Since Dash has super speed as his power, it makes it difficult to avoid moving traffic and nearby police chases, as well as any obstacles on the road such as cars pulling out their driveway, things falling out of moving trucks and passing freight trains that must be evaded with a jump.

Sounds fun right?

Well it wasn't so much when I used to play with my over-competitive siblings. Much to our mum's annoyance we spent many hours replaying this mission repeatedly, trying to get the quickest time. Since the game didn't have a leaderboard for the scores, whenever we played the game, we kept a scruffy piece of paper with our four names and respective times in the game case.

Dash on his way to school.

We had one controller between the four of us, it had an overused joystick and a triangle button that was fading considerably compared to the rest. We were constantly ripping the controller out of each other's hands. This then led to many heated fights that would lead to tears and our mother threatening to throw the PS2 out the window if we didn't play nicely with each other.

But despite the fights, we really enjoyed playing together. This game opened us up to the world of gaming, and although The Incredibles' gaming legacy has been long forgotten, we still play multiplayer games together - and we still fight over them.

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