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Bungie is tweaking Destiny 2's transmog system

"We'll continue to monitor the conversation and use of Armor Synthesis as Season 15 rolls out."

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is making changes to its transmog system.

After "monitoring [players'] reception and behaviour" concerning the sci-fi shooter's divisive and time-consuming transmog system, Bungie says that from Season 15, one of the currencies used to purchase transmog bounties from Ada-1, Synthstrand, will be deprecated. Instead, you'll be able to purchase Ada's bounties for 10,000 Glimmer.

"Since the launch of Season of the Splicer we have been monitoring reception and behaviour around our new Armor Synthesis system," the studio said in its weekly blog update. "Today we'd like to review a minor update around the system's currencies.

"Effective at the start of Season 15 we will deprecate the passively-earned world currency, Synthstrand, that was used to purchase Armor Synthesis bounties from Ada-1. In its place, these bounties will be purchasable for 10,000 Glimmer instead."

Destiny 2's Synthstrand, Synthcord, and Synthweave are resources you need as part of Armor Synthesis - also known as transmog. As we explain in our Destiny 2 Synthstrand guide, these materials debuted alongside Season of the Splicer, and requires you to farm a total of three new currencies by defeating enemies and completing bounties.

Glimmer is Destiny's in-game currency, collectible via pretty much any activity you can think of, from Strikes to Gambit to Raids. The depreciation of the Synthstrand currency should also free up a precious spot in Guardians' overflowing consumable inventories.

"Our hope is that this change reduces the time needed to earn your 10 Synthweave tokens per class each Season," the studio adds. "Removing this currency also frees up a slot in the Consumables inventory bucket - a bucket that could be full for those of you carrying around a large quantity of items. Finally, we hope this change reduces the complexity of the Armor Synthesis system, with only one remaining currency for each class that can be immediately turned in at Ada-1's Loom for a Synthweave token.

"We'll continue to monitor the conversation and use of Armor Synthesis as Season 15 rolls out," the post concludes. "In the meantime, keep showing us your new looks! The team is inspired and delighted by the incredible creativity they've seen from Guardians around the world so far. We can't wait to see more!"

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