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Oddworld: Soulstorm developer details list of "major fixes" following rocky launch

"No game is bug free."

After launching in April with several serious bugs, Oddworld: Soulstorm is now in a place creator Lorne Lanning has said he is proud of.

In a message to fans, Lanning today thanked the Oddworld series' community for their feedback and patience while the latest game in the series was improved.

Now, seven updates later, Soulstorm stands "refined", Lanning said. "Major fixes" include updates to Abe's movement, aim, and stealth. Enemy AI has been improved, and several levels have been rebalanced. The game's PlayStation 5 trophies have been rejigged, and DualSense support now extends to being able to feel Abe's heartbeat at times of stress.

"No game is bug free," Lanning wrote, "but the version that you can download right now for PS5, PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store is one we are proud of and believe you will enjoy. Same goes for the PS5 and PS4 physical versions that you can buy at retailers."

Instances where Abe could become soft-locked in rare circumstances were flagged up by developer Oddworld Inhabitants at the game's launch. A post-launch patch - the first of several - was quickly rushed out.

Here's the full list of big fixes now in Oddworld: Soulstorm, direct from Lanning:

Major Fixes - The List

  • Ability to remove the HUD: Many existing hardcore Oddworld fans asked us to create the ability to remove the HUD. They didn't want to be told where every Mud was, relative to Abe, or how much health they had left every frame.
  • Comprehensive Slig AI fixes: Sligs no longer get stuck or fixed in a weird state. They now accurately respond to noise, and they feel more deterministic and less random.
  • Fine Tuned Abe's Motion Code: Controlling Abe feels more natural. His movements are immediate to your direction.
  • Platforming: Abe's use of jumping, hanging, and clinging on to monkey bars and ledges has been improved. It allows you to move and advance in a more fluid and natural motion.
  • Trophies: Soulstorm's trophy system, which offers trophy hunters more than 50 hours of gameplay, has been improved.
  • Aim: Abe's aim has been improved which helps to put out or start fires, solve puzzles, and go on the offensive more effectively without wasting valuable resources.
  • Abe's Jump: Fixed issues of Abe jumping out of levels. This was relatively rare, but it did happen and required a reset.
  • PS5 Haptic Feedback: We promised an immersive haptic experience on PS5. It took us three months, but now you experience the PS5 controller as it was meant to be experienced. Abe's heartbeat is felt in moments of high stress, as well as other key haptic opportunities (explosions, foot falls, structures falling, jumping, and landing, etc.). This makes the experience more immersive.
  • Sneaking/Stealth: Soulstorm expands on what an Oddworld game is, but our fans asked us to improve the sneaking/stealth experience. We added more risk/reward playoffs which makes levels like Phat Station really shine.
  • Progression Blockers: Our players found some progression blockers. We have removed all of them.
  • Yards Level Improved: Fans told us that the level Yards was overly difficult, and we have spent time improving the level's balance.
  • The Blimp level: Many players let us know that this level was a big issue in terms of balance. We fixed the section where the mortars originally proved extremely challenging.
  • General Key Fixes: We fixed a lot of individually minor annoyances that collectively detracted from the gaming experience like de-activating slap mines, Mudokons jumping in and out of lockers, sawblades getting stuck, and other items.
  • Improved Keyboard Mapping (PC): Created an improved keyboard mapping system.
  • Missing Cinematics: A few players experienced missing cinematics. We were able to uncover the bug which required a specific set of moves to activate, and we disabled that bug.

"Untypically scrappy in places, but typically heartfelt, Abe's Exoddus gets a generous upgrade in this slightly patchy adventure," Christian Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's Oddworld: Soulstorm review.

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