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Bloodborne PSone demake project shows off full boss fight

Come and Gazza look at this.

Remember that Bloodborne PSone demake project that imagined what the game would look like if it had been transported back through the console generations? Well, the team has provided us with another update video to show their progress, and they've now managed to recreate an entire PSone-style boss fight in Unreal Engine 4.

Developer Lilith Walther, who's an Unreal Engine 4 tech artist and also lead programmer on indie JRPG Witch, shared a video of the boss fight on Twitter. It shows the player taking on Father Gascoigne, and features cutscenes, destructible gravestones and music produced on a Roland SC-88 for "maximum authenticity". You can take a look at the full video below:

It's seriously impressive work, and personally I think the atmosphere in the "PSone" version feels even spookier than in the original game. The comparison video showing the same cutscene in Bloodborne and the demake is also well worth a watch:

The project will eventually release as a free fan game, although as of yet there's no word on a release date. The team isn't demaking the entire game, however, with the plan being to cover "up until the Gascoigne fight," and "hopefully up to Vicar Amelia". You can keep an eye on progress via the mod team's Discord, where I'd thoroughly recommend checking out a video of the Gascoigne fight with CRT effects "cranked to maximum spook levels".

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