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I'd play this Bloodborne PSone demake

Generations untold.

While we wait (perhaps more in hope than expectation) for a Bloodborne PlayStation 5 update, let's imagine what From Software's masterpiece would look like if it went backwards in generations - to the PSone.

Lilith Walther, an Unreal Engine 4 tech artist and engineer working as lead programmer on indie JRPG Witch, is doing exactly that. She took to Twitter to reveal eye-catching clips of the Bloodborne PSX demake she's working on - and it looks pretty slick.

The sparse 90s 3D visuals give Bloodborne a satisfyingly chunky look, like a gothic Tomb Raider of yesteryear. If anything, the framerate is too high for a PSone game!

It's early days, but I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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