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Nintendo Switch OLED costs £309 in UK

First pre-orders go live.

Retailers have revealed a UK price for Nintendo Switch OLED: £309.99 for either its White or Neon coloured variants.

That's £30 more expensive than the base Switch model, which typically retails in the UK for £279.99, and more than £100 more expensive than the Switch Lite, which costs £199.99.

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GAME has a page of deals for the OLED console and various game bundles, or you can find the White Nintendo Switch OLED and Neon Nintendo Switch OLED pages here.

Smyths Toys also now has White Nintendo Switch OLED and Neon Nintendo Switch OLED options for sale, again for £309.99 each.

Other retailers are now offering Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders, too.

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Nintendo casually announced its new Nintendo Switch OLED yesterday afternoon, after months of reports that a new model was on the horizon.

The revamped console has a larger and improved OLED screen, 64GB memory, a LAN port in its dock and better speakers. But there's no bump to its internal processing power and no 4K output, which had previously been reported.

Nintendo typically does not list a price for hardware in the UK, hence the wait to find out how much Nintendo Switch OLED will cost here. US pricing for the Nintendo Switch OLED was announced yesterday as $349.99. In Ireland, GameStop has Nintendo Switch OLED listed for €364.99. Let us know if you see the new model for cheaper!

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