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New FIFA 22 trailer gives us a first taste of gameplay

Fouls have never been so realistic.

EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 22.

It's mostly just marketing points, but it does provide the first brief snippets of gameplay throughout that give us an idea of how the game will look on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series consoles.

The focal point of FIFA 22 is what EA calls HyperMotion Technology, which combines full-team mocap data and machine learning. The idea is to make player movement feel more fluid and natural. This has led to 4000 new animations in the game.

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The technology is only available on the new-gen consoles and Stadia, leaving PC players feeling disgruntled for being left behind.

Other features include expanding the FIFA 22 competitive settings to improve fairness in the game, deeper match analysis with complete revamp of the match facts and player performance screens, and explosive sprint which accelerates your player in contextual moments.

You can find a full list of improvements and Wesley's initial impressions of FIFA 22 here.