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The Last of Us Part 2 fan discovers unused dialogue on Ellie's tattoo

Inky stuff.

A Last of Us Part 2 fan has pieced together unused dialogue between Ellie and Joel where they discuss her tattoo.

Reddit user taegukie theorises that this conversation was meant to happen in the "Finding Strings" flashback, where Joel talks about the Savage Starlight comic he's been reading.

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Here's the full transcript: Joel: "So I noticed that her, uh, hologram... Map thing... It's a moth. Was that where your tattoo came from?" Ellie: "Ugh... Maybe?... Judgy." Joel: "I ain't judging. Just Curious." Ellie: "Liar!" Joel: "Well, like I said, I ain't judging... I think the moth is pretty."

The "moth hologram" was probably initially decided to be where Ellie got her inspiration for the tattoo, but was later changed to Joel's guitar. Ellie got the tattoo to cover up her bite mark from the previous game, which she first tried to cover up with acid.

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The dialogue was sourced from YouTuber Evil Banana 202, who has a talent for datamining unused voice clips from games.

This heartwarming dialogue gives us a small insight into the relationship between Ellie and Joel prior to their falling out.

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