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Ready at Dawn's Oculus-exclusive zero-gravity sci-fi sequel Lone Echo 2 out in August

And the original is currently £7.99.

Lone Echo 2, the sequel to developer Ready at Dawn's acclaimed 2017 zero-gravity VR adventure, finally - after a series of coronavirus-related delays - has a release date, and will be heading to Oculus devices on 24th August.

Lone Echo 2, which was initially announced back in 2018 for a release the following year, picks up after the events of the first game, catapulting protagonists Captain Olivia Rhodes and player-controlled android Echo One (nicknamed "Jack") 400 years into the future, where an abandoned space station holds the key to returning home.

Once again, Ready at Dawn has crafted a moody sci-fi adventure built around zero-gravity traversal and puzzling, with the developer promising "sharp visuals", "complex challenges", and "startling discoveries" as its "emotional" far-future story unfolds.

Lone Echo 2 - Announce Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Lone Echo 2 is playable on Oculus Rift and Quest (via Oculus Link or Air Link and a VR-capable PC) and will cost £29.99/$39.99 USD when it launches on 24th August. Purchasers will also receive a free chassis for their Echo VR avatar matching Jack's new chassis, the VEGA X-3.

For those yet to experience Lone Echo's celebrated first instalment, in which Jack and Olivia explore an advanced mining facility within the rings of Saturn, it's currently discounted on the Oculus Store, costing £7.99/$9.99 USD for a "limited time".

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