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Death Stranding has sold 5m copies

"It has performed quite well."

Death Stranding has sold 5m copies, Kojima Productions has confirmed.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Kojima Productions' head of publishing Jay Boor said Death Stranding had performed "quite well".

Death Stranding launched first on PlayStation 4 in November 2019, then came to PC in July last year. It hits PlayStation 5 in Director's Cut form (although Hideo Kojima himself isn't thrilled with it being called a Director's Cut) in September.

"With Death Stranding being the first title developed out of Kojima Productions, from a sales perspective, it has performed quite well," Boor said.

The 5m copies sold mark was achieved as of the end of March, Boor clarified.

To put that into context, Kojima's last game while at Konami, Metal Gear Solid 5, sold over 6m copies by December 2015 - but that was on more platforms and was achieved in just a few months.

With the PS5 release to come, Death Stranding will no doubt add plenty more sales to its total by the end of this year.

Speaking of the Director's Cut, this expanded version of Kojima's post-apocalyptic courier adventure adds new story missions, new combat mechanics, a firing range and... a racing mode.

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