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Tag Heuer announces $2k Super Mario smartwatch

Mamma mia.

Swiss luxury firm Tag Heuer has announced a limited edition Super Mario smartwatch, due to cost $2150 (UK price TBA).

The body of the watch appears to be the same as the company's existing Connected Wear OS smartwatch, which costs around the same amount, albeit with a lick of extra raid paint, a red Mario "M" on the crown and a red strap.

The main draw here is an animated watch face featuring Mario, with Easter eggs as you hit certain points towards your daily step count. 2000 of the watches will be produced.

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Mario will start the day by saying hello and waving his cap. At 25 percent of your daily step count he'll eat a Super Mushroom and power up. At 50 percent, he'll pop out of a green warp pipe.

At 75 percent, Mario will use a Star to become invincible for a short period, and at 100 percent Mario will clambor to the top of a flagpole.

Tag Heuer has said this Mario functionality may come to more of its Watch OS devices down the line, so it may not stay exclusive - beyond it being two grand for one of these watches.

As with any Watch OS device, you'll also be able to use Google Assistant, check your calendar, the weather and other things.

Fancy it? On the one hand, there's a free pedometer in every smartphone. On the other, well, it's cheaper than that $1.56m copy of Super Mario 64.