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Mario Golf: Super Rush has a mode where you race across courses on foot

Watch the birdie.

Nintendo has shown off an extended look at several new modes coming to Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as the game's full character roster.

Speed Golf is a fresh mode where players race each other on foot across the golf course in-between taking shots. (If only karts existed in Mario's world!)

While dashing, players can use items to regain stamina and special attacks to thwack the ball/other players out of the way. (Seriously, why isn't Mario Golf Kart a thing?)

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Another variant of Speed Golf is Battle Golf, which takes place inside a giant stadium. Here, all nine holes are in play at the same time, with three holes needed to claim victory.

Across these modes, and standard golf, you can play as 16 characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, each with their own dashing skill and special move. Pauline, Chargin' Chuck and King Bob-omb make their series debuts, though there's no sign of Toadette.

Finally, we get a longer look at the previously announced Golf Adventure - a kind of career mode where you can level up a Mii character through mini-games (mini-golf games?) and level up their stats. Oddly, this is the only mode where you can't use your Switch Joy-Con as a golf club, as in Wii Golf.

Mario Golf: Super Rush tees off on Nintendo Switch on 25th June.

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