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Mario Golf: Super Rush adds Toadette, New Donk City

No sign of Birdo.

Surprise! Nintendo has announced a free update for Mario Golf: Super Rush, which will be available to download tomorrow.

This adds a new Ranked Match mode, a new course themed around Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City and - honestly, best of all - Toadette.

Footage of Toadette shows her using the Super Pickax item from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to fire off her golf shots. She can also dash across golf courses while flinging the vegetables from Super Mario Bros. 2.

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In a list of changes due tomorrow, Nintendo also mentions "improved motion controls" - though does not go into any further detail on exactly what these might be.

More updates, plural, will come to Mario Golf: Super Rush later in the year. Birdo?

"Running between shots can be chaotic fun, but Mario Golf truly lives in its ever-soothing standard mode," Christian Donlan wrote, recommending the game in Eurogamer's Mario Golf: Super Rush review.

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