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There's a Final Fantasy 14 cookbook coming out later this year

Take a "culinary adventure through one of gaming's most beloved franchises".

A recipe book based upon the culinary experiences found in Final Fantasy 14 is expected to go on sale on 9th November 2021.

While not yet formally announced by developer/publisher Square Enix, Wario64 spotted the listing for The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook on the Simon & Schuster website and was able to cross reference it with another listing that had popped up on Amazon (thanks, Siliconera).

While the former scrambled to rename the listing as "Licensed Video Game Cookbook", it wasn't changed in time to prevent Wario64 from snapping a screenshot of the Insights Editions book and details on its contents.

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Taking us on a "culinary adventure through one of gaming's most beloved franchises", the book will offer "stunning photography and step-by-step instructions" to help Final Fantasy 14 fans recreate "some of this game's most iconic dishes". As well as 192-pages and over 70 recipes, it also includes a foreword from director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, and is expected to retail for $35 - that's around £25.

"Featuring favourite flavours from across Hydaelyn and Norvrandt and easy-to-follow instructions, this tome provides numerous tips on how to make the most of your ingredients," said the now-deleted description. "Start your day with Farmer's breakfast, a very famous and simple-yet-delightful dish; savour the Knight's Bread of Coerthas; dive into La Noscea's Rolanberry Cheesecake, and many more."

It's not the first time a cookbook has attempted to take us through the culinary experiences of a video game, of course. Donlan thought the Destiny cookbook was particularly special because it's written by video game food connoisseur Victoria Rosenthal and from the perspective of Eva Levante, who has travelled through the Last City "and beyond its walls" collecting recipes.

"It's a cookbook that serves two purposes, and serves them really well," Donlan wrote. "Firstly: it's just an excellent cookbook. It has a useful glossary and a really good recipe for orange and lime rosemary salt. Secondly, it's a lovely trip around a universe that a lot of people really enjoy spending time in. It has in-world mini-essays and lines like 'Lemons can be so difficult to find around the Tower'. Can't they, though? Thinking about marshmallows, Levante writes: 'Sometimes the Traveller reminds me of a big marshmallow... I've heard, at least, that it smells faintly of vanilla on the inside'. That's canon now. Deal with it."

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