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What you need to know about our new State of the Game series

Plus: Pokemon Go is 6! I'm a judge in the Green Game Jam! And more.

Welcome to another Weekly, the show where we recap Eurogamer for you.

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In this episode of Weekly, I'm joined by reviews editor Chris Tapsell and managing editor Matt Reynolds - no relation to Ryan Reynolds - and our major talking point is our brand new State of the Game series. Maybe you've seen Chris' League of Legends piece or the Final Fantasy 14 piece.

The idea is to revisit games that have seen a bit of life, been out in the wilds for a few years - or many years as the case may be. How have they changed? Are they better? What state are they in? They are the kinds of questions the series hopes to answer.

It's a great opportunity for us to dive into games that sometimes pass us by - games like League of Legends, which Chris has been itching to write about for years, or games like Final Fantasy 14, which is somehow, eight years into its life, having its most prosperous era ever. And there are plenty more.

We had some recording issues so I don't appear for the first several minutes of this podcast! instead, here's a lovely picture of me from around 2015 at Polish conference Digital Dragons. How young and fresh faced I am. I appear from roughly several minutes onwards and I have shaved especially, so do please be sure to watch.

Elsewhere, we take a closer look at Pokémon Go (an ideal candidate for that State of the Game series), which turned six years old this summer. Can you believe it? I still remember the excitement of spotting people playing it in the park. People, outside, playing video games together - it went against everything people feared games are. It was, and still is, remarkable.

Matt Reyolds knows the game very well. He can still remember the shambolic first Go Fest event he went to in Chicago. But Go Fest returned after an extended three-year COVID break this year in Berlin, and our Tom Phillips went to see what it was like.

I also talk a bit more about being a judge for the Green Game Jam this year, which I really enjoyed and I was encouraged by, but I'd love to see more big gaming companies taking part in next year.

All that plus a whistle-stop tour of the news - God of War: Ragnarok is actually coming out this year! - and the other features, reviews and videos that caught our eye around the site this week.

I'm Bertie, this was Weekly, and we'll see you next week.

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