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Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.1 coming in mid-April

Newfound Adventure awaits.

Patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy 14 is due out in mid-April, named Newfound Adventure.

During the latest Letter from the Producer broadcast, producer and director Naoki Yoshida outlined what players can expect from the next update.

As expected, a new set of scenario quests will continue the story of the Warriors of Light, marking the start of a new chapter.

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A number of other additions are planned.

A new sidequest series named Tataru's Grand Endeavor will start and continue into patch 6.5, focusing on the titular adorable Lalafell. There will also be additional story after players finish all role quests in Endwalker.

Another brand new addition is PvP content known as Crystalline Conflict, with a new rewards system. The Unending Codex will also be added - a glossary of characters and terms up to patch 6.0 and unlocking details from 6.1.

Further dungeons, trials and raids will also be included, on top of a new Ishgardian housing area.

As previously reported, this update will expand the trust system to include duties from A Realm Reborn and allow players to experience the game's dungeons and trials alone with NPCs.

This system will now be called the Duty Support System.

Last month Yoshida stated that "adventure" was the key concept for future patch content, seemingly hinting at the title of patch 6.1.

Yoshida also hinted at what to expect in future updates, including a new ultimate duty, side story quests, tribal quests, custom deliveries and - best of all - data centre travel that's planned for patch 6.18.

Watch the full presentation below.

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