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Final Fantasy 14 expands support for solo players

Plus first graphical update in the works.

Final Fantasy 14 will be expanding its support of solo players.

In last Friday's Letter from the Producer, Naoki Yoshida announced a number of additions to the MMORPG, including an expansion of the Trust System that allows players to experience the game's dungeons solo with computer NPC characters.

This is already in place for the recent expansions, but with the upcoming Patch 6.1 (due in April) it will be implemented for all the main scenario dungeons of A Realm Reborn. More will be added at a later date too.

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It means that players hoping to play through the game solo as a more traditional RPG experience can do so. It also means players hoping to avoid long queues in the duty finder - or practice dungeons alone - can do so more easily.

Yoshida also announced the game's first graphical update is on the way.

A Realm Reborn was first released in 2013 but there's been no major update of the game's graphics since then. Now the game is available on PlayStation 5 - and, of course, high-end PCs - an enhancement to graphics is overdue.

The team is aiming to implement improved graphics with the launch of the next expansion.

That will include higher resolution textures, improved material qualities, and better lighting effects that will impact both characters and the world.

In further announcements, the free trial will begin again from 22nd February. Yoshida also confirmed NFTs won't be arriving in Final Fantasy 14.

Future patches will add the Trust System to the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions along with new questlines duties, plus smaller tweaks like new hairstyles for Hrothgar and weapon enhancements.

Watch the Letter from the Producer video in full below.

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