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Save 30% on gaming accessories, tech and more from Amazon Warehouse

Amazon's latest sale takes 30% off headsets, mice and more.

Update: The headline deal on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 has unfortunately sold out. There are still many offers available on other bits of like new and used gaming tech, including headsets, mice, monitors and more.

There's a flash sale over at Amazon Warehouse where you can save 30% on selected used products, including video game peripherals, computer accessories and plenty more.

You'll find a full list of everything that's included in the latest Amazon Warehouse sale here, but as always, you can find some of our top picks below. Any discounts are applied at the checkout, so the prices you see on the product page haven't been reduced yet.

It's not the biggest sale we've seen, but an impressive deal on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was available for £62 . Sadly it's sold out, but it was one of the best Xbox deals we've seen in a while and a great price for Digital Foundry's best premium controller.

Before we jump in with our top picks, it's worth emphasising again (just in case you're not familiar with Amazon Warehouse) that everything sold through the outlet is pre-owned. Thankfully, Amazon is pretty decent when it comes to being upfront about the levels of wear you can expect from items. Everything sold comes with a one-year warranty, too.

Most items are in 'very good' condition, which usually means there's a couple of small scratches. You can also get lucky and find stuff in 'like-new' condition. Usually, this is where the buyer has simply changed their mind once the item has arrived or they've found it elsewhere at a cheaper price and decided to return it. You can find out more about item descriptions in the Amazon Warehouse FAQs here - just scroll to the bottom of the page.

It's also worth mentioning that stock is limited and in sales like these, the items in best condition tend to sell out fast. So if you spot anything you like in the list below, check you're happy with the item condition and bag it before someone else does.

If any of the links above are showing as out of stock, make sure you double check on the right-hand side as they may still be available for cheaper in a different condition.

This is by no means a massive sale, but it's a decent opportunity to pick up a Series 2 controller for cheap or a new mic if you're regularly streaming (the Rode NT USB mic is fantastic, by the way). The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is also one of the best mid-level gaming headsets you can get, and an absolute steal at £48 considering they're currently selling for around £85 brand-new.

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