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Fans unearth Battlefield Bad Company 2 map remaster tease for Battlefield 2042

Explosive stuff.

Battlefield fans have spotted the return of a classic map buried in a teaser video that plays when players boot up one of the current Battlefield games.

YouTube creator VickeP first spotted an image in the teaser that looked awfully familiar. He captured the frames of the video that showed the clearest view of the image and stuck it into Photoshop to produce the clearest image. It showed what appears to be huts and powerlines:

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He shared the image on reddit, where people noticed the image looked like Battlefield Bad Company 2's map Valparaiso. Vicke then compared the image to gameplay footage of Valpariso and found an exact match. This really is a reflection of just how amazing the collective power of gaming communities can be.

Image credit u/VickeP_·

DICE is expected to announce the return of classic Battlefield maps in a new game mode later today during EA Play Live. The mode is designed by Ripple Effect, previously known as DICE LA, which has supported DICE in the development of previous Battlefield titles.

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Battlefield 2042 will not feature a single-player campaign mode, so the expectation of adding greater value to multiplayer was high. The return of classic maps remastered for new-gen consoles and PC should tide fans over.

EA Play Live starts at 7pm in the UK, while Battlefield 2042 releases on 22nd October. Amazon Prime users can pick up Battlefield 1 on PC right now for free, with Battlefield V also coming on 2nd August.