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Battlefield 2042's unannounced new mode adds fan-favourite maps

Recon mission.

Ripple Effect, the studio once known as DICE LA, will add fan-favourite maps into Battlefield 2042, it's confirmed.

Ripple Effect's contribution to Battlefield 2042 is a third, as-yet-undisclosed mode to be revealed at this month's EA Play Live event on 22nd July.

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"The experience that DICE LA specifically is building is this love letter to our long-term players and fans," design director Daniel Berlin told Eurogamer last month.

In a new EA video interview, below (skip to the seven minute mark) Ripple Effect general manager Christian Grass went into a little more detail, confirming this mode will in part add classic Battlefield maps into the new game.

"One of the components of this experience we're creating is that we're adding some of the fan-favourite maps back into Battlefield 2042," Grass said. "But the entire experience, you have to wait a bit longer before we reveal what that is."

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This mode will launch alongside Battlefield 2042, EA has said, on 22nd October.

Battlefield 2042 has no campaign and no battle royale mode, DICE confirmed in June. For more, check out Martin's Battlefield 2042 preview.