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Surgeon Simulator 2 launches for Steam, Xbox in September

Access all areas.

Comedy operation sequel Surgeon Simulator 2 launches for Steam, Windows Store and Xbox on 2nd September.

It arrives in an update-filled Access All Areas edition, which includes the various additions brought into the game since its original launch a year ago as an Epic Games Store timed exclusive.

There's a four-player story campaign and the usual competitive multiplayer mode, too.

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As you might expect, Surgeon Simulator 2 supports Smart Delivery on Xbox, so you own the game regardless of whether you play on Xbox One or Series X/S. Current-gen platforms support up to 4K and 60FPS.

"We're really delighted to bring Access All Areas to a whole new audience of budding surgeons," executive producer Sylvain Cornillon said. "The team has taken everything we've learned from launch to create the most hilarious, ridiculous surgery simulator we can imagine. We have a lot of surprises in store, stay tuned for more."

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