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Bossa makes Surgeon Simulator 2 free for NHS staff

IV what they did there.

UK game developer Bossa has made Surgeon Simulator 2 free for NHS staff.

"At Bossa, we've always envisioned Surgeon Simulator 2 as a valuable training tool for NHS workers to hone their healthcare skills!" Bossa boss Henrique Olifiers said.

"The Surgeon Simulator 2 community is frankly rubbish at saving Bob, so we think our players need to be shown how it's really done."

All NHS workers qualify. All they need is an active NHS email to claim a free copy of the game on PC via this website.

Bossa even has an endorsement from a real-life doctor who has participated in surgery (and plays Surgeon Simulator on YouTube).

"Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolutely NOT a viable medical training tool," GP Registrar, Dr. Idris Morgan said.

"However, I do enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I'm confident medical professionals around the world will find Bossa's interpretation of medicine, and the possibility of five-second heart-transplants, very amusing."

The offer runs until Thursday 22nd October 2020.

Watch on YouTube

Meanwhile, Bossa is also supporting North Lincolnshire NHS Trust with its Surgeon Simulator 2 speed-running event, which will feature real doctors raising money to improve MRI facilities.

The 24-hour fundraiser, which is set to take place on YouTube on 15th October, features a cardiothoracic surgeon, chief cardiologist, radiologist, an IT technician and more trying to complete a heart transplant as quickly as possible.

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