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FIFA 22's next-gen upgrade only available to those who buy the £90 Ultimate Edition

Costly foul.

EA has changed the way its dual entitlement program works for FIFA 22 so that the next-gen upgrade is only available to those who fork out £89.99 for the Ultimate Edition.

EA unveiled FIFA 22 on Sunday with a 1st October release date and debut trailer, below, and with the announcement came confirmation that only those who buy the digital-only Ultimate Edition get both the last-gen and current-gen versions of the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoFIFA 22 | Official Reveal Trailer

This is a marked change compared to the dual entitlement program for FIFA 21, which offered a free next-gen upgrade to owners of all versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new system means anyone who buys the £59.99 standard edition of FIFA 22, either physically or digitally, for last-gen consoles has to then buy the £69.99 PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S version at full price if they eventually get hold of one of the coveted next-gen consoles. That would amount to an astonishing £130.

In effect, EA is charging £30 for a next-gen upgrade here, based on the price difference between the standard edition on PS4 and Xbox One, and the Ultimate edition of FIFA 22.

You get 10 percent off if you have EA Play - EA's subscription service. That means the normally £89.99 Ultimate Edition drops down to £80.99. Clearly, the company is using FIFA 22 in part to help drive subscriptions - EA Play costs £3.99 every month, or you can get 12 months for £19.99.

EA is really pushing this Ultimate Edition this year. If you pre-order you get an untradeable "FUT Hero" card, four days of early access, a guaranteed FUT Ones to Watch item, and 4600 FIFA Points (in FIFA 21 4600 FIFA Points costs £32).