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Frostpunk's three expansions finally coming to PlayStation and Xbox at the end of July

Arriving alongside a Complete Edition for consoles.

It's been a long old wait, but console fans of 11 Bit Studios' celebrated post-apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk will finally be able to get their hands on Xbox and Playstation versions of the game's three expansions from Wednesday, 26th June.

Frostpunk launched on consoles toward the end of 2019, introducing its narrative-rich blend of survival sim and city builder - in which players must overcome gruelling conditions to keep their fledgling community alive in a desolate sub-zero world - to a legion of new fans.

Since then, three distinctive expansions have released on PC, building upon Frostpunk's punishing but wonderfully compelling core in interesting new ways, and it's these that will finally debut on consoles later this month.

The first of these to be released on PC, The Rifts, is the smallest of the bunch, adding a new Endless Mode map that splits the landscape into awkward chunks. To help players survive in this challenging new locale, the expansion adds a new mechanic in the form of constructible bridges, enabling players to ferry gathered resources between the map's scattered islands.

Cover image for YouTube videoFrostpunk Console DLCs | Date Announcement Trailer
Frostpunk Console DLCs - Date Announcement Trailer.

Next up is The Last Autumn, a prequel expansion beginning on the first day of Frostpunk's big freeze. This takes the form of a brand-new scenario set in an area, so far untouched by snow, known as Site 113. Here, players must lead a group of engineers in an attempt to construct a generator before the freezing cataclysm seen in the main campaign takes hold. It features a new narrative, new lore, new buildings, new Books of Laws, unique technologies, and, of course, a new, non-snowy environment.

Lastly, there's On the Edge, taking place at the opposite end of Frostpunk's timeline, coming as it does after the Great Storm and the ending of the base game. This time, players are tasked with establishing a civilisation at a newly discovered outpost which flips many of Frostpunk's familiar core mechanics on their heads. For starters, there's no generator, meaning players will need to find alternative ways to keep their people warm. Additionally, the small surrounding area only provides limited resources, and players will struggle to survive independently.

Instead, they'll need to rely on supplies shipped from New London, which will only keep coming for as long as players are able to fulfil its requests. As it result, it becomes vital to head out, explore, and forge relationships with other settlements on the new Frostlands map - so that players might acquire the resources unavailable back home to fulfil New London's needs.

The Rift, The Last Autumn, and On the Edge will be available for purchase separately or together in a season pass when they come to PlayStation and Xbox on 21st July. Additionally, for those yet to experience Frostpunk's critically acclaimed strategy action, 11 Bit Studios is releasing a Complete Edition bundle, featuring the base game and all three expansions on the same day.