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Arcsmith is a new space engineering game for Oculus Quest 2

Out next month from Bithell Games.

Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex developer Bithell Games has announced Arcsmith, a new sci-fi engineering puzzler for Oculus Quest 2.

Due for launch on 29th July, Arcsmith tasks you with learning to build sci-fi gadgets from component parts while a huge space war rages around you.

"Assemble essential items of the future using a library of modular pieces with master arcsmith Korith Dinn as your reluctant mentor," the game's description reads. "Watch your quiet station become the focal point of an intergalactic power struggle that could determine the future of the universe."

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Objects start off simple, such as fixing a radio which gives you updates on what's happening in the war. Eventually you'll progress the story by building more complex items, while discovering more about Arcsmith's world via chats with your alien mentor.

If this sounds like your thing and you have an Oculus Quest to hand, Arcsmith has a £19/$25 pricetag over on the Oculus store.

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