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CD Projekt's Pokémon Go-style Witcher game launches this month

Toss a coin to some in-app purchases.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer, CD Projekt's attempt at a Pokémon Go-style free-to-play mobile AR game, will launch for iOS and Android on 21st July.

Monster Slayer is set long before the main Witcher games, meaning you need to step up and take on the fantasy world's many beasties yourself.

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CD Projekt first announced Monster Slayer in August last year, and said that its mobile studio Spokko was on development duties. It promised "rich, story-driven quests" and first-person monster battles impacted by your local time of day and weather. So, rain.

A soft-launch for Monster Slayer on Android then followed for some users in April this year.

Five years on, Pokémon Go remains remarkably lucrative and successful. Many rivals have attempted to come along and copy its formula, though few have had much luck. Will you try The Witcher: Monster Slayer?