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Destiny 2 Corrupted Key Code explained: How to get Corrupted Key Codes and increase loot from Corrupted Conflux Chests

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You will need Corrupted Key Codes to open Corrupted Conflux Chests at the end of Corrupted Expunge missions in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2's Corrupted Key Codes is a variant of Key Codes, which debuted in Season of the Splicer.

Following up on the appearance of the original item, which allows players to open Conflux Chests at the end of Override missions, the Corrupted variant of Expunge missions brought a new item into the mix.

This guide will cover how to get Corrupted Key Codes in Season of the Splicer, the currency's drop chance and farming cap, and how to increase loot from Corrupted Conflux Chests to maximize your farming efforts.

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How to get Corrupted Key Codes in Destiny 2 in brief

First off, in order to start finding Corrupted Key Codes in Destiny 2, you need to progress through Path of the Splicer, which is the seasonal questline.

At the end of Path of the Splicer VI, right after completing Expunge: Corrupted Labyrinth, Mithrax will upgrade your Splicer Gauntlet with the last Splicer Technique called Corrupted Access.

This is important, since neither Corrupted Key Codes nor Corrupted Conflux Chests will appear if you haven't gotten up to this point in the questline.

From here, these keys will begin to drop as loot on the ground (in the form of blue pyramides), while the Corrupted variant of the chests (also called Corrupted Vex Chests) will always be present at the end of a Corrupted Expunge mission.

Here's a list of activities where you can find Corrupted Key Codes:

  1. Playlist activities (Strikes, Crucible and Gambit)
  2. Public events
  3. Override missions
  4. Expunge missions
  5. And just by defeating enemies around the Solar system

That's the essentials - but if you you'd like more specifics, the following sections on drop chance and farm limitations, as well as how to improve the loot from Corrupted Conflux Chests can help.

Destiny 2 Corrupted Key Codes - drop chance and farming cap

The drop chance for Corrupted Key Codes used to be extremely scarce at launch.

User RTK_Apollo mentioned on Reddit it had taken them over 900 kills at the Thrallway checkpoint farm to obtain two key codes. Many other players share similar experiences in the thread.

On Friday, June 18th, developer Bungie tweeted that drop rates of Corrupted Key Codes had been increased from all sources. It has gotten better since, but don't expect them to see them in the regular often.

It's worth noting that there is an inventory cap for Corrupted Key Codes. You can only carry up to five of them at a time, while any additional key code will automatically end up in the Postmaster.

If you're juggling other activities, this may not be as troublesome as it sounds. But if you were expecting to farm these chests, we recommend you to start using the Corrupted Key Codes as soon as possible to optimize time.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to increase loot from Corrupted Conflux Chests in Destiny 2

After all the time spent farming Corrupted Key Codes, you're likely expecting to see worthy rewards waiting for you inside the Corrupted Conflux Chests. Well, it depends on what you're looking for (sorry, no Exotics here), but there is a way to increase the loot regardless.

This is rather straightforward. If you've been spending Decrypted Data on Splicer Gauntlet upgrades, you may have noticed the last column was inaccessible.

Now, thanks to Corrupted Access, you can acquire the Vulnerability Exploit upgrade, which increases the rewards and grants a higher chance to drop an Umbral Engram. You can find all three tiers and their costs below:

  • Vulnerability Exploit I (100 Decrypted Data): Corrupted Vex Chests can now drop up to 1 piece of seasonal gear with high-stat or double-perk rolls per week
  • Vulnerability Exploit II (300 Decrypted Data): Corrupted Vex Chests can now drop up to 2 pieces of seasonal gear with high-stat or double-perk rolls per week
  • Vulnerability Exploit III (500 Decrypted Data): Corrupted Vex Chests can now drop up to 3 pieces of seasonal gear with high-stat or double-perk rolls per week

Have fun hunting for Corrupted Key Codes!

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