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Raven forced to pull Call of Duty: Warzone's new pre-match lobby loadout selection feature the same day it was added

Stop bugging me.

Raven Software was forced to pull one of Call of Duty: Warzone's most useful new features after it caused some significant bugs.

This week, Raven quietly added a new feature to Warzone that on paper was very useful indeed: pre-match lobby loadout selection for core battle royale modes.

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This let players edit, pick and use their custom loadout in the pre-game lobby in core battle royale modes.

This is helpful because the custom loadout you pick in the pre-game lobby then becomes the loadout that's automatically picked when you open a loadout drop during a match, saving much-needed time when you're out in the open.

Loadout drops are in many ways the key to victory in Warzone. They provide you access to your own loadout, letting you bring in the weapons you want with the attachments you want, ditching the random loot you've found beforehand.

Unfortunately, this feature had the unintentional effect of letting players spawn in with their loadouts at the beginning of matches. Players would even return to the battlefield with the loadout from the gulag.

It also, for some reason, let had the knock on effect of giving players unlimited Dead Silence - perhaps the most powerful field upgrade in Warzone currently.

Permanent Dead Silence bug. Very easy to do every round... from r/CODWarzone

Responding last night, Raven tweeted to say it had pushed an update to Warzone to remove the pre-match lobby loadout selection.

"Players will no longer begin a match with their loadouts," Raven said. "This also resolves an issue with infinite Dead Silence in core BR modes."

Raven promised to re-enable this feature at a later date, but didn't say when.

The pre-match lobby loadout selection wasn't the only unannounced new feature added to Warzone this week. Raven has also changed the game so you can use the lift ziplines while they're being used.

This is extremely useful for squads who want to ascend quickly. Previously, players would have to wait their turn.

Unmentioned change: you can now take the elevator zips while they're being used from r/CODWarzone

After players spotted the change, Raven added it to the official Season Four Reloaded patch notes:

"Ascenders now allow multiple Players to use them simultaneously - allowing for quicker vertical engagements as a squad."

As far as I'm aware, this new feature hasn't caused any bugs.