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Humble Bundle once again capping how much users can donate to charity

While still offering some 100% to charity bundles.

Humble Bundle faced criticism earlier this year when it tried to remove charity sliders from its bundle pages, a decision that would have severely limited the amount players could donate to charity for their purchases. Following significant backlash, Humble Bundle decided to reverse this decision and reinstate the sliders - but it's once again placing limits on how much can be donated to charity.

In a blog post, Humble Bundle announced it will be rolling out a "new iteration" of sliders in mid-July. "While splits on each bundle will vary, on average there will be a minimum amount for Humble Bundle between 15-30 percent," the post said. This means users will no longer be able to donate the entire amount to charity, although the company said there will continue to be some "100 percent to charity bundles".

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The company explained that the "PC storefront landscape has changed significantly" since the bundles began in 2010, and it had to "continue to evolve with it to stay on mission.

"The update will allow us to continue to offer great prices on amazing games, books and software all while supporting important charitable initiatives with every single purchase."

Humble Bundle initially began changing its sliders back in April, admitting it had secretly tested the removal of sliders on some customers (something that "led to confusion for the community"). Sliders were due to be replaced by toggles with defined splits, with the default option sending 5 percent to charity, 10 percent to Humble Bundle, and the rest to the publisher. The "extra to charity" option would allow 15 percent to be donated to charity, but this was still a huge reduction from the previous 100 percent charity donation option.

At the time, the company apologised for "the way these changes were rolled out," promising it would "take a moment to pause, collect constructive feedback and be more transparent about the path forward". That doesn't seem to have stopped the company forging ahead with further plans to change the sliders, however.

Humble Bundle has so far raised over $198m (£143.8m) for charity since it launched in 2010. It was bought by gaming and media conglomerate IGN in 2017.

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