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GTA2 meets Cyberpunk game Glitchpunk launches on Steam Early Access in August

With one playable city good for around eight hours of play.

Glitchpunk launches on Steam in Early Access form on 11th August with its first playable city, publisher Daedalic has announced.

The top-down sci-fi action game, which has been described as a cross between Grand Theft Auto 2 and Cyberpunk, launches then with the city of New Baltia playable.

This provides around eight hours of play at launch, developer Dark Lord said, with more to come.

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Second city Outpost Texas was meant to be included at launch, but now arrives in three to four weeks as Glitchpunk's first major update. This adds another six to eight hours of play, Dark Lord said.

Two more cities - Neo Tokyo and Moscow - launch during the Early Access period. Each city has its own gangs and characters while also continuing the protagonist's story.

Speaking of the protagonist, you play a glitching android who goes against their programming to challenge the governments and megacorps in a dystopian near-future.